Aug 3, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 3 - Victims are now Survivors

Together, our #10freedays Activist Team Has Raised Enough Funds To Rescue 200 Girls!

As we enter Day 3 of our #10freedays campaign, I want to celebrate that 178 Activists combined have raised $60,000 in just two days. Our efforts are literally going to change the trajectory of these young women's lives forever.

Our Daughters International rescues trafficking victims at the border between Nepal and India. Potential trafficking victims are interviewed and counseled regarding their purpose of going to India and the dangers of being trafficked. Since 2009, over 130,000 girls have been interviewed, with over 11,000 actually rescued from trafficking. These victims have now become survivors! 

For over 8 years, Usha has been working at one of the border stations. She has rescued hundreds of girls. 

Meet her in today’s video:

Last year alone, over 20,000 girls were interviewed and 1,035 were rescued. I want to help rescue more and that’s why I joined #10freedays as an Activist. You can help victims become survivors by donating today.

🤜🤛 Please join me in this fight against trafficking by donating toward my fundraising goal through this link:

✨ As an alternative way to donate, you can also shop for a cause 🛍️ my Stella & Dot fundraising link: - and for every $50 sold, I'll donate $5 of my commission to the cause! 💖

I have styled my favorite Elegantees (the clothing company that partners with ODI to provide employment to women in the  Kingdom Hope Garment Factory in Nepal) tops with a few of my favorite pieces from our current Stella & Dot and Keep collection!

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