Aug 2, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 2 - She is a Victim

Before moving on to Day 2 of our #10freedays campaign, let's celebrate how Day 1 went. Almost $49,000 has been raised... ENOUGH TO RESCUE 163 GIRLS THROUGH DAY 1! 

Incredible work. Thank you to all the donors so far. We still have more work to do. 🙏🏻 

Day 2: Today, we will look at why a young woman is at risk of becoming a victim of trafficking in Nepal, and how easy it is for predators to trick them into unimaginable horrors. Thankfully, there are men and women like YOU that are here to expose these lies and to set the record straight.  

An estimated 25,000 to 35,000 girls are trafficked from Nepal to India and beyond each year. Girls are tricked and persuaded by the promises of traffickers who build false relationships with them. They are promised a better life in a faraway land only to end up in a brothel in India or in the Middle East. Once in a brothel, victims can be sold to men up to 30 times per day. 

In today’s video, Allison will share why girls in Nepal are susceptible to the trafficker’s lies. 

🤜🤛 Please join me in this fight against trafficking by helping me meet my fundraising goal through this link (also easily accessible in my LinkTree): 

✨ As an alternative way to donate, you can also shop 🛍️ my Stella & Dot fundraising link: - and for every $50 sold, I'll donate $5 of my commission to the cause! 💖 (It just exceeded its first $50 increment!)

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