Aug 4, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 4 - She is Now Our Daughter

Today is Day 4 of our #10freedays campaign. Here is an update on how we're doing after Day 3. As of 9:00 pm last night (8/3), we have raised just over $75,000 with the help of 204 activists!

That enough to rescue 250 girls from trafficking in Nepal!!

Day 4: How a survivor rescued at the border officially becomes "our daughter" in the safe home.

Trafficking survivors become our daughters! What a powerful image… one that motivated me to become an activist for #10freedays and Our Daughters International.
Survivors that cannot be reunited with their families, become “our daughters” and are welcomed into the Safe Home where they receive intense trauma counseling, health assessments, care, and love.  Most feel a sense of HOPE for the first time in their lives. As a daughter, they discover their identity and realize they are worthy. During their 2-3 month stay in the Safe Home, the daughters are given skills training as part of their therapy. 

Meet Kamika in today’s video: Last year alone, Kamika and her team welcomed 95 daughters into the Safe Home. 

🤜🤛 Please join me in this fight against trafficking by contributing to my fundraising goal through this link:

✨ As an alternative way to donate, you can also shop for a cause 🛍️ my Stella & Dot fundraising link: - and for every $50 sold, I'll donate $5 of my commission to the cause! 💖

I have styled my favorite Elegantees' Hudson tee in olive/ivory stripes with a few of my favorite pieces from our current Stella & Dot and Keep collection! Elegantees partners with ODI to provide employment to women in the Kingdom Hope Garment Factory in Nepal.

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