Jul 28, 2020

10 Free Days - Our Daughters International Campaign Against Human Trafficking

Thank you for joining me in rescuing and restoring girls in Nepal from human trafficking!

Most Americans are born into privilege. We have food to eat every day, education for all, and we can benefit from a generous government when we are in need. In some places, like Nepal, incomes are scarce, education is discouraged for girls especially, and the government has inadequate handouts. The chance of a Nepalese child getting sold is high. Our Daughters International (ODI) actively fights against this inequality and for unifying anti-trafficking efforts globally.

ODI's missionWe are about rescuing the powerless. We are about educating the vulnerable. We are about giving every woman hope and purpose.

#10freedays is an annual campaign to build awareness and support for ODI. It was started in 2019 by my friend Katie Martinez, founder of Elegantees, a New York City fashion brand that has partnered with ODI and the Kingdom Hope Garment Factory in Nepal since 2011. With a passion for rescuing and restoring girls from human trafficking through sustainable employment, the Kingdom Hope Garment Factory was formed and now employs over 20 girls rescued from trafficking in Nepal. While having dinner with her good friend Pinky, Katie expressed her desire to do even more with Elegantees. Katie and Pinky wanted to increase public awareness and work to eliminate human trafficking in Nepal, and the #10freedays campaign was the outcome! 

#10freedays is the coming together of 300+ activists, like me, fundraising $300 or more, to support the efforts to rescue and restore 300 women.

Our Daughters International is rescuing and restoring girls from human trafficking in Nepal. #10freedays focuses on creating awareness of the restoration pathway our daughters follow as they transform from trafficking victims to leaders for community change. Every dollar raised goes directly to ODI and the fight against human trafficking in Nepal.

Why Our Daughters International? Watch here.

Your support gives them hope and a purpose for their lives. After being restored, the women supported by ODI receive education, launch their own businesses, and become anti-trafficking advocates in their communities. 

As a woman who has run her own business for 10+ years, I understand the importance and value that this brings to one's sense of purpose, self-confidence, and financial security. Meeting my goal of $300 is so important because that amount will rescue a girl from trafficking and put her on the restoration pathway of becoming a leader for change in Nepal. 

There are two ways that you can participate in this campaign through me, as an activist. 

1. You can make a donation directly through my donation page. Any amount will help and every dollar counts toward the goal. 

2. You can shop for a cause through my Stella & Dot e-boutique here. For every $50.00 in sales received through this link, I'll donate $5.00 of my commission to the campaign from August 1-10. Additionally, I'll be raffling off a portion of the Referral Rewards earned and those who shop the link will be entered to win.

Also, follow along here or on my Instagram account - @whitneycf - as I'll be sharing more information about Our Daughters International and their mission every day, during the 10-day campaign period.

It's not too late to be a part of the campaign. Anyone can join; you don't need a certain number of followers, have an "influencer" status, or know all the ins-and-outs of social media. Help start the conversation.

Thank you so much for shopping for a cause or donating whatever you can... together we can make a difference. 

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