Mar 13, 2015

Shipping Update for Stella & Dot's EU Stylists

Stella & Dot is thrilled to share that our European Union Stylists (those located and working in the UK, Germany, France and Ireland) will now be able to ship to 12 additional countries in the EU, allowing them 100 million potential new customers!

This announcement is monumental for our sister Stylists in the UK, Ireland, Germany and France as they are now able to ship to many of their neighboring countries. This is truly incredible - imagine as a Canadian or US Stylist not being able to sell to your friends and family in a neighboring state/province!

These additional shipping countries include:

  • Austria 
  • Belgium 
  • Finland 
  • Italy 
  • Luxembourg 
  • Netherlands 
  • Portugal 
  • Spain 
  • Poland 
  • Czech Republic 
  • Denmark 
  • Sweden 
While cross-border shipping is effective as of March 12th, it is still in the launch phase and a few kinks will need to be worked out. While the hope is that this will be a possibility for the North American Stylists one day, there are a number of laws and regulations impacting cross-border shipping to work through.

While shipping is now a possibility in these countries, this is only available to EU Stylists who can sign up in the UK, Germany, France and Ireland.

Check out "Our Story" as a global social-selling fashion company providing entrepreneurial opportunities to women all over the world!

If you live in one of those countries and are interested in the opportunity to build your own international fashion business, let's chat! I'd love to refer orders from these countries to you!

 Whitney Fields, Stella & Dot Associate Director, Stylist and Founding Leader
Founding Leader, Associate Director and Stylist

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