Apr 15, 2012

April Birchbox - Natural Wonders

Sometimes I wonder about the Birchbox curators... I am so excited to receive my Birchbox every month - and I have such high hopes after seeing what others post on Pinterest and such. More often than not, I am disappointed in my selection of samples versus what I see other people receive. I've tried to revise my profile a little, but maybe they just don't get me.

April's Birchbox was filled with "natural wonder" samples.

  • Marula The Leakey Collection | Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil - Sourced from the rare East African marula fruit, this sustainably harvested oil has sky-high levels of antioxidant to fight premature signs of aging. My issue with this product is that I am not worried about anti-aging samples, and I prefer not to use oils on my face. I haven't decided if I'll try this or not yet. Maybe I'll see if my mom wants to test it out.
  • tarte | LipSurgence lip tint in Amazed - This over-sized lip crayon boosts moisture levels while adding a wash of sheer pigment. This lip crayon actually arrived a little melted in the tube so I decided to clean it off and apply some of the "wipe off" on my lips. I actually really liked it! It's a great perfectly tinted pinkish/red color that is actually flattering to my skin tone.
  • Wonderstruck Taylor Swift (Perfume) - While I love Taylor Swift as an artist, I think she should stay out of the perfumery business. Let's just say, this perfume smells like a 12 year old teenybopper who is stuck inside of a candy store. It's too fruity and floral for my taste. I'm 26 - I have no desire to smell like that so I threw it out immediately.
  • Yu-Be | Moisturizing Skin Cream - The bestselling Japanese cream has a highly concentrated formula that heals cracked hands, chapped lips and all other forms of dryness. I'm open to trying this - but I am sort of partial to a certain Kiehl's product that works similarly. 
  • Beauty Extra: MicrodermaMitt | Body Mitt - This all-natural silk mitt gently exfoliates away dead skin cells and pore-clogging debris. Hm, okay... I'm not super-excited about this body mitt, but I'll try it out.
I am still waiting for the day when I get the most amazing Birchbox ever. Because it's only $10 a month, I'll give it another couple of chances. I haven't found anything that I love so much that I want to get the full-size product yet. I wish they would ask you what brands you use/like/would be interested in trying so that I can start getting some products that fall into my area of interest. All in all - this is fun to try out, but I can't say this is the most amazing box yet. Until next time...

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