Aug 9, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 9 - Elegantees... Making an Impact for Daughters

Over 1,300 donors have responded to rescuing and restoring daughters in Nepal. We have raised enough to rescue over 390 girls. There is one more day left in our #10freedays campaign! 
Welcome to Day 9 of #10freedays. It is fulfilling our purpose at it's best when someone uses the talents they have been blessed with for the benefit of others. Katie Martinez, the co-founder of #10freedays and owner of the online fashion brand, Elegantees, is a wonderful example of someone living with purpose! Sustainable income is a key component in the battle against trafficking in Nepal and Katie provides that to over 20 daughters at the Kingdom Hope Garment Factory.

Katie is donating the profits of Sunday's Elegantees sales to Our Daughters International. One of the wonderful things about her garments is that the products are sewn by our own rescued daughters in Nepal. Please browse her online store at Enjoy shopping, and check out today's video which highlights the garment factory supported by Katie's business.

Amazing things can happen when like-minded, passionate people collaborate. Ramesh Sapkota, Our Daughters International President, and Katie Martinez, Founder of clothing company Elegantees and the 10freedays campaign, met in 2011. From there, they dreamed of working together to provide meaningful employment for girls rescued and restored from human trafficking in Nepal. That dream resulted in the launching of the Kingdom Hope Garment Factory which now employs over 20 daughters who manufacture the designs of Elegantees.

"I am very happy to work here because before I thought that I could not do anything for myself. I was completely wrong. Now I can live for myself and support my family" - daughter employed @ Kingdom Hope Garment Factory

Today, Ramesh will welcome you to Kingdom Hope Garment Factory via video (watch here: Plus, Katie has agreed to donate the profits of Sunday's Elegantees sales to Our Daughters International! Please click on this link,, to learn more about Elegantees and to make your purchase to support Our Daughters International.

Thanks to those of you who have supported me in my fundraising efforts. For the rest of you, please consider giving today and contributing to my fundraising goal through this link:

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