Aug 7, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 7 - Daughters as Leaders for Change

It is amazing to see what a group of like-minded people can achieve when they work together, even during a pandemic!

Over 350 girls will be rescued from trafficking in Nepal! Almost 1,200 donors have supported 232 Activists to raise over $107,000 in just 6 days.

Now, we have set our sights on raising enough to rescue 450 girls by the close of #10freedays.

Welcome to Day 7 of #10freedays. Today, I am sharing how our daughters are educating women in their communities through anti-trafficking and gender-based violence workshops, and also empowering women by encouraging entrepreneurship development. Your efforts to help rescue more daughters are having a ripple effect in Nepal. The one rescued and restored daughter is changing the lives of hundreds of others for the better.

In today’s video, Indra will discuss how communities are transformed by our daughters, which you can watch here:
The restoration pathway followed by the trafficking victims in Nepal is so inspiring. To know that girls who had no future are now igniters for empowering thousands of girls and women in Nepal is amazing. Our daughters host anti-trafficking sessions, gender-based violence education and legal literacy training. They empower others in their community through entrepreneurship development training and the establishment of savings groups. Six of these groups have even gone on to start federally chartered banks! 
As a #10freedays Activist, I am asking you to join me in stopping human trafficking in Nepal through the transformation of communities by our rescued and restored daughters.

🤜🤛 Please join me in the fight against trafficking by contributing to my fundraising goal through this link (also easily accessible in my LinkTree) now through August 10:

✨ As an alternative to donating, you can also shop for a cause 🛍️ through my Stella & Dot fundraising link through August 10: - and for every $50 sold, I'll donate $5 of my commission to the cause! 💖

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