Jan 22, 2020

Stella & Dot - EVER Smooth Lip Peptide Therapy!

This is the moment all clean beauty-lovers have been waiting for... the EVER SMOOTH Lip Peptide Therapy has arrived! I don't know about you, but I am all about having smooth, supple lips for as long as I can to avoid any sort of extra injections (...I can't lie - I've started Botox for medical purposes!).

But you’ll love this new way to achieve youthfully smooth, soft and hydrated lips with our new ultra-nourishing balm! This multi-benefit treatment formula is packed with a double dose of peptides that work to visibly volumize and define your natural lip contour over time, plus shea butter and natural oils provide instant shine and long-term nourishment.

If you are a skincare junkie, like me, you may already know a little bit about peptides, but I encourage you to research on your own. (Coloresciene does a great job of explaining what peptides actually do for your skin.) 

However, from a non-expert's understanding, peptides aid in the cellular reproduction of collagen (protein) and elastin to aid in your anti-aging process... the more collagen you have, the smoother (and less wrinkly) your skin looks!

EVER also has incredible SMOOTH Stick Lip Tints, but SMOOTH Lip Peptide Therapy is a little different.

While both products contain peptides, the new SMOOTH Lip Peptide Therapy is enhanced with more peptides than the SMOOTH Stick Lip Tint to provide clinical results and a larger visual impact. And of course, the SMOOTH Stick Lip Tints provide lips with more color, available in Bright Dragon Fruit and Soft Strawberry.

Grab your SMOOTH Lip Peptide Therapy - especially while the temperatures are cooler and dryer, and have softer and more supple lips before spring and summer! (Plus, the smoother and healthier your lips are, the better your lip colors - sticks, stains, glosses, etc. - apply and adhere!)

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