Jan 29, 2019

Stella & Dot Jewelry - The Bachelor (Colton's Season)

Ladies, it's that time again... I'm back and so is The Bachelor! 🌹 Season 23 is on its way to being one of the most dramatic seasons ever... but guess what? I'm here for the right reasons... to share with you the Stella & Dot jewelry spotted on the beauty queens, drama queens and style queens of this season!

  Stella & Dot Celestial Choker as seen on The Bachelor! 

Heather wearing the Stella & Dot gold Celestial Choker at the pool party!

Heather must have packed up all her Stella & Dot jewels for this epic love journey because I also spotted her wearing the Anda Intention Necklace (Courage) on the group date in Singapore.

 Hannah wearing the Stella & Dot Anda Intention Necklace (Courage) in Singapore.

 Stella & Dot Anda Intention Necklace as seen on The Bachelor!

On Monday, February 4, the girls and Colton headed to Thailand, and Heather made sure to bring her Stella & Dot style along! 

During her one-on-one date with Colton, Heather brought a sparkle to his eye with the gold Celestial Choker (again) and gold Hammered Hoops!

Heather wearing the Stella & Dot gold Celestial Choker in Thailand!

Heather wearing the Stella & Dot Hammered Hoops in Thailand.

Heather was also sweet enough to let Cassie wear the Hammered Hoops for a bit. (You can get these delicate wired styles in gold, silver or rose gold!)


Then, during the Rose Ceremony/Cocktail Party, Heather was also rocking her gold Rhett Cuff (and retired Amala Earrings in turquoise).

 Heather wearing the Stella & Dot gold Rhett Cuff at the Rose Ceremony/Cocktail Party.

On Monday, February 12, while the group was in Vietnam, Heather was sporting an arm party (and retired earrings) from Stella & Dot, including the silver Renegade Bracelet and the Yves Wrap Bracelet. (LipSense fans, do you spot her lip gloss? ;))

Heather wearing the Stella & Dot Yves Wrap Bracelet and silver Renegade Bracelet on The Bachelor.

Stella & Dot Yves Wrap Bracelet and silver Renegade Bracelet as seen on The Bachelor.

Check back here as I'll keep you up-to-date on all the Stella & Dot jewelry sightings on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor! 🌹 Xo

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