Oct 1, 2017

Stella & Dot - October 2017 Bright Pink Boutique for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer runs on both sides of my family... and this cause becomes more and more impactful to me each year, especially as my doctor just told me that I would need to get my first mammogram 4 years from now. Early detection and awareness start now!

October is the month where everything turns pink for breast cancer awareness month -- and many times, they are products with materials or ingredients that are actually linked to cancer. I am not posting this to add to the "pink-washing" but I do believe 100% in raising awareness for early detection/prevention -- and if you can do it while shopping for the holidays or adding to your personal jewelry collection, why the heck not share it?! {And per usual, all of the items in Stella & Dot's "pink boutique" are non-toxic and nickel/lead-safe!}

Did you know Stella & Dot has donated over $850,000 towards various breast and ovarian cancer nonprofits? With the number of women around my age or even younger that I personally know getting diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer, I can say confidently that this is SO important.

Last year, we kicked off an amazing partnership with Chicago-based Bright Pink, a non-profit dedicated to the prevention and early detection of both breast and ovarian cancer. Our 2016 bracelets provided over $100,000 to Bright Pink to use towards vital services and programming and this year will be even more awesome!

In addition to our annual bracelet - the Fortitude Wishing Bracelet, check out our rose gold pouf (trés chic!) and our "Better Together" boutique featuring key pieces from our sister brands, KEEP collective and Ever Skincare! KEEP features a stylish new take on charm bracelets and other personalized accessories while Ever actually has won numerous beauty awards since its inception just three short years ago!

I am loving the Fortitude Wishing Bracelet as it mixes semi-precious pyrite and hematite beads with rose, silver, and smoky tones. Anyone can have courage in this lovely mixed metal wishing bracelet!

Stella & Dot's Fortitude Wishing Bracelet benefiting Bright Pink.

All proceeds from 8 items on my e-boutique (under "Collections" > "Shop for a Cause") will go to Bright Pink this month. (Link in the comments.) You can simply shop or share and I will be so grateful!

Pictured "Shop for a Cause" Styles: Stella & Dot Fortitude Wishing Bracelet $24 | Keep Blessed Rose Gold $15 | Keep Key FOB-Rose Gold/Gunmetal $25 | Keep Awareness Pink/Rose Gold $9 | Ever SMOOTH-All Over Beauty Balm $15 | Keep Love Rose Gold $15 | Keep Silicone Single Band Pink/Gold $19 | Stella & Dot Pouf-Pink Champagne $24

If you want to do more, think about hosting a simple style session this month to make a bigger impact and help your friends get easy, free and fun styling for the Fall/Holiday season. My October is almost fully booked (especially the weekends!) -- but I would be happy to send you my calendar if you'd like to grab a date (either online or in-person)! Please e-mail me for more details.

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