Dec 22, 2015

The Bachelor - Samantha P's Stella & Dot Bar Necklace

If you've stumbled across this blog for the first time, you should know that my not-so-guilty pleasure is The Bachelor! If you're back, it's because you know I have an eye for spotting Stella & Dot on the show, after styling many of the ladies who were on past seasons, and now - you do, too. :)

ABC recently released the cast information for the 2016 season (season 19, starring Ben Higgins), and I spotted Samantha, an attorney from New Smyrna Beach, FL, wearing a Stella & Dot Engravable Bar necklace in her promo photo!

 Samantha Passmore - The Bachelor Season 19 Samantha - The Bachelor - Bar Necklace
Samantha - The Bachelor Season 19 wearing Stella & Dot's Engravable Bar Necklace

I was curious as to what was engraved on Samantha's necklace so I did a little research! I learned that that she engraved a date on her necklace, which is her father's birthday.

Samantha's dad passed away from ALS, and she wears it to remind herself how precious life is and not to take anything for granted. She also wanted his birth date as to have a positive memory with her at all times.

This is such a sweet and meaningful piece that I know she will cherish forever. She wears it all the time - so I know we'll be seeing it on the show this season!

 photos courtesy of Samantha

I love that Stella & Dot's engravable pieces are the perfect way to tell your story. They are a great gift for yourself or someone you love, as they can be personalized with initials, a name, numbers, dates, geographic coordinates and more. (See our personalization guide here.)

For more information on ALS or to support the chapter that is local to Samantha's hometown, please visit

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Photo credit to for head shot and screenshots of Samantha.

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