Sep 20, 2013

Shop Stella & Dot in Canada with Pamela Fogul!

One of the amazing things about social networking is the people you meet... all over town, all over the country... and all over the world! It is my pleasure to introduce Pamela Fogul from Toronto, Ontario, the first Canadian Stylist, to my team!

My blog has received over 4,000 views from Canadian readers! Unfortunately, because I do not have license to sell in Canada, I cannot reach these customers. Finally... I can provide an amazing customer service and styling support through a Stylist on my team who can reach my Canadian fashionistas!

Pam is an entrepreneur and digital scrapbooking business owner... she also loves the jewelry and the means to style her own life, which made her a perfect fit for Stella & Dot! She can work her social-selling fashion business, alongside her full-time existing business, with the flexibility of creating and working around her own schedule! This is such a great opportunity for her to grow her business and enjoy her life. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, let's chat!

Love the jewelry and live in Canada? Shop here and let Pam provide the most personal service to you and more!

Happy shopping to my Canadian friends! And United States customers... keep shopping here! ;)

Give it. Shop it. Share it. Style it.

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