Aug 7, 2013

Gold Arrow Necklace on Gabby on ABC Family's The Vineyard

Stella & Dot is making its rounds on the reality TV circuit recently... from The Bachelorette and Project Runway to ABC Family's newest "reality" TV show The Vineyard (think The Hills meets The Real World on Martha's Vineyard - but I have a hunch it is somewhat scripted)!

One of the gals on the show, Gabby LaPointe, was spotted wearing an gold arrow necklace. She went to Twitter to share that it was Stella & Dot!  

Get Gabby's gold Stella & Dot On the Mark necklace!


 Stella & Dot On the Mark Necklace - as seen on ABC Family's The Vineyard (Gabby LaPointe)

And in the first episode, I also spotted Gabby wearing the Stella & Dot Mary Margaret Ring while hanging out on the beach with Katie and Jackie! 

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