Jul 29, 2013

The Bachelorette - Jewelry on Desiree Hartsock - Hometown Dates

I apologize for the delay in covering what Stella & Dot jewelry was seen on Monday, July 15th's episode of The Bachelorette, but I was celebrating the launch of Stella & Dot's new Fall 2013 collection in Las Vegas with my team and fellow Stylists!

I had a chance to catch up over the last few days... and I must say, it is bittersweet to see Zak go home this week. It seems as though Texas brings Stella & Dot sightings (Emily wore the Rebel pendant necklace on her Hometown Date with Sean!)... but that means Zak is available! (Zak, if you're reading this... visit any major city in Texas, and I am sure you will have a multitude of dates lined up. Begin your next journey to find love in Houston or Austin, or any bars owned by the former Bachelor - these are great places to start! ;))

Now... on to the hometown date's Stella & Dot jewelry sightings! First up, a visit to Texas to meet Zak's family and Desiree is immediately spotted in the Stella & Dot (silver) On the Mark necklace!

Over in Scottsdale, Arizona with Drew, Desiree wore the Stella & Dot Valor studs!

It also appears that on Drew's date, Desiree is wearing a necklace that looks very similar to the Stella & Dot Sanibel pendant. However, the necklace she's wearing is gold - and at the time the show filmed, this necklace colorway was not available. Now, you can get Desiree's long stone pendant necklace look with Stella & Dot's Sanibel pendant in silver or gold!

Out west in Oregon on her hometown date with Chris, Desiree was wearing one of her favorite Stella & Dot delicate necklaces - the Valor Pendant!


During her interview about Brooks' hometown date in Utah, Desiree wore a versatile statement piece - Stella & Dot's Tempest necklace. 

And one of my most anticipated (and one of the most anti-climactic) moments of this season was the return of Desiree's crazy brother! During her sit-down with Nate, Desiree was wearing the Stella & Dot Wesley Pendant.


Be sure to check out the Men Tell All post to see what Stella & Dot jewelry (or bags! ;)) have been spotted!

Screenshot photo credits: ABC.com

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