Jun 22, 2012

Friday Favorite: Rae Cosmetics

Though, I have lived in Austin for nearly 5 years now... I just recently discovered and fell in love with Austin-based cosmetics company, Rae Cosmetics, founded by Rochelle Rae. Rae Cosmetics is an innovative line of mineral makeup that is heat and perspiration-resistant design won't crease, cake or smear while at work or play. Their lighter-than-air formulas are hypoallergenic, oil free and fragrance free - which is personally great for my sensitive skin! The products are formulated with pharmaceutical grade minerals which won't clog pores and are approved for use following microdermabrasion, chemical peels and cosmetic surgery.

Rae Cosmetics Products
Rochelle Rae is CEO and creator of Rae Cosmetics. She has a degree in Fine Arts and attended the prestigious Makeup Designory in Hollywood, California. Trusted by photographers, filmmakers, models, wedding coordinators, celebrities and fashion designers, Rochelle has earned a reputation as a premier makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur.

Rochelle became frustrated with the heavy makeup prevalent in the market and the seemingly endless trips to the mirror to reapply. Her active lifestyle, as well as that of her clients, called for a longer lasting, more natural approach to cosmetics. This inspired her to create a cosmetics line designed for real life and the active women who live it. After two years of research, design and careful attention to every detail, Rochelle introduced Rae Cosmetics, a fresh and versatile mineral makeup line designed for active women and athletes looking for performance, as well as beauty from their cosmetics.

I recently did a Stella & Dot Trunk Show at the Rae Cosmetics Studio, and I had my makeup done a few times now by their talented makeup artists, including Gertie Murray, Lauren Lumsden and Lacey Fuentes, that it was my pleasure to finally have a chance to interview Rochelle about Rae Cosmetics and all things beauty!

What is your beauty philosophy?

Make it fast and easy!! There is too much work to do and too much fun to be had. I don't want to waste time in front to of the mirror applying and reapplying. Also, there are really no real rules in makeup; if it works for you, great!

How did you get into the business of cosmetics?

My degree is in fine arts, I was actually painting on canvas long before I was painting on faces. I modeled for a short time (wrong side of the camera for me, I was way more comfortable behind the scenes). I met a makeup artist and it seemed like she had a really awesome, fun and exciting job. (It is!!) So I moved out to Los Angeles and went to the Makeup Designory or MUD. I stayed out there for a while but was always planning to come back to Austin. I love it!

Tell us a little about your product line, Rae Cosmetics...

Rae Cosmetics is a fresh, versatile line of makeup specifically created for active and athletic women looking for beauty as well as performance from their makeup. Whether at work, play or working out, the heat-resistant formulas are designed to provide long lasting coverage even when you sweat. A lightweight blend of clinical-grade nutrients, anti-oxidants and non-chemical sunscreens repair and protect, keeping skin healthy and radiant. The Rae Cosmetics team of makeup artists have won multiple awards for their exceptional talent and professionalism. Trusted by wedding coordinators, brides, designers, photographers and filmmakers, they have earned the reputation as a premier makeup team.

What is your favorite product?

The Climate Control Mineral Tint SPF 20. It is a water resistant moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation all in one. Super fast and easy to use, looks great and stays on when you sweat.

I can personally say that I LOVE this tinted moisturizer! It last all day long while giving my face a natural-looking finish. Plus in the Texas heat and humidity, this line of makeup survives the elements. -Whitney

How long should I use a particular product before replacing it or throwing it away?

Most makeup has an expiration date on it but I wouldn't keep anything over a year. If you haven't used it by then, you probably really don't like it anyway.

Share one of your beauty secrets.

I always do my eye makeup first, that way I can make a mess and not worry about it. I get eyeshadow and mascara everywhere, and then just clean it up when I'm done with a little moisturizer. I save a lot of time trying to fix mistakes.

Quick... I overslept and I have 5 minutes before I have to leave the house. What makeup do I put on?

The Climate Control Mineral Tint SPF 20 because it is three steps in one (moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation), mascara and lip gloss. If you have more time and you should use a light dusting of powder and some blush.

What is the key to looking natural while wearing makeup?

Don't cake it on. Using quality products, like Rae Cosmetics, allows you to use less product and still get great coverage.

What should someone with oily skin do/use if they are shiny but don't have any powder with them?

I always have oil blotting papers with me; you can stick them in your pocket and take them anywhere.

Oil Blotting Papers

What makeup trends for spring/summer are the most do-able for the everyday woman?

DANCING INTO SPRING: Every year, the Pantone Company announces the color of the year and the beauty, fashion and design world takes notice. This year, the color is Tangerine Tango and featured in the PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2012 are Tommy Hilfiger, Nanette Lepore, Cynthia Steffe by Shaun Kearney, Elie Tahari and Adrienne Vittadini, who are incorporating the shade into their spring collections. So we will be dancing into spring in bright orange on eyes, lips and cheeks, but probably not all at the same time. A tangerine lip paired with an almost naked but glowing bronzed face is an easy to wear exotic look. Try Rae Cosmetics Bronze Babe Lip Shade SPF 15 Lipstick and the Bungalow Glow Mineral Bronzer.

COLOR WASHED EYES: Coming out of the dreary winter months we always look forward to the bright, cheery colors of spring, this season color washed eyes will bring the back the fun. Greens, purples and yes, tangerine swept across the lids are a hot look for 2012. Try Rae Cosmetics Bonfire Eye Shadow if you want to go with the orange wave, other great shades are Bluebonnet and Bamboo. If you would like it a bit more subtle try Sunrise and Painted Desert. I would pair this with a nude lip color, which makes this trend work for just about everyone. Try Pixie Lucky Lips Lip Gloss or Island Girl Lip Shade Lipstick.



Have you worked on any celebrity clients, movies or television projects? If so who or which?

I have done New York Fashion Week and shoes for Zac Posen, makeup for TV, print and film and lots of celebrities but it is really a great feeling to make someone feel better about themselves that maybe had some insecurities about the way they look. Maybe a scar, discoloration, acne or any reason. Makeup, although fun, can really do a lot for a person if they need a boost.

I am not really impressed by "celebrity". I have been really fortunate to meet some amazing women though and because it takes time to do their makeup I actually am lucky enough to get to have conversations with them. I was lucky enough to be Liz Carpenter's makeup artist before she passed away. She was a fabulous and funny woman. Liz was a writer, feminist, reporter, media adviser, speechwriter, political humorist, and stood in the forefront of the Women's Movement. She soon joined the staff of Lyndon B. Johnson in his campaign for Vice President in 1960 and traveled on his foreign missions as a press spokeswoman. After Kennedy's election, she became the first woman executive assistant to the vice-president.

Sarah Weddington, another in the forefront of the women's movement. At 26 years old, she argued Roe vs. Wade before the Supreme Court and won. She is an advocate of women and child and has helped to pass many law to support and protect their rights.

Liz Smith, the Grand Dame of Dish - another amazing woman: a New York Times Best Selling Author, columnist, reporter and producer. In the 1960s, she worked as an entertainment editor for the American version of Cosmopolitan magazine and simultaneously as the Sports Illustrated entertainment editor, as well. Another woman who paved the way for all of us.

These are the women who impress me.

Makeup by Rae Cosmetics Makeup Artist Lauren Lumsden

Makeup by Rae Cosmetics Makeup Artist Lacey Fuentes
Stop by the Rae Cosmetics Boutique any time, located at 1206 W 38th Street #3102, Austin, TX 78705, and tell them Whitney sent you!

Or visit us on August 21, 2012 from 6-8PM for a Stella & Dot Trunk Show debuting the Fall 2012 Collection at the studio featuring makeovers by Rae Cosmetics Makeup Artists, 20% off all in-store Rae Cosmetics purchases and raffle prizes!